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Welcome to MA’s Monster Factory!

clash font recent work
mega knight 4

Mega knight. One of the most popular characters in the Clash Royale.


giant skeleton 1

Giant skeleton. Hugh! The Greatest! It’s a character that I never used, I made it for a client. But finally it turned out to be surprisingly wonderful.





mini PEKKA 2

mini PEKKA. Small but powerful. For me, the mini PEKKA the most lovely character in the game. So I got it built. As you can see in the photo, it’s just like the one in the game.


ghost king 1

Royal ghost. It’s a card quite new. I made it with a lot of detail.


lava hound 1

Lava hound


knight 1

The Knight. The best characters for defense in the Clash Royale. I really like the stupid face he has! Like that he is always happy.


giran 1

Giran. The dragon Giran inspired by the Dragon ball.


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Hi, everybody! I am MA.

Maker, 3d Designer based in Barcelona, I make everything!

I make what I love and I love what I make.

But of course, I can also help you to make what you like!

In this site, I would like to share my works with you. And I also explain how I made some of my works.