mini PEKKA

mini PEKKA 1mini PEKKA

Inspired by Mega knight from Clash Royale

Modeled in Blender

Printed in Zortrax

Painted using Citadel and Vallejo

The Figure

Here comes the lovely mini PEKKA!! The dangerous one! The little son of the PEKKA! I really like this card and even more the design of this character.

mini PEKKA 2

I modeled this figure completely in Blender. The mesh is not complicated, it’s a hard surface modelling. The important thing is the control of the proportion of each part of the body, something like head/body ratio, because the ratio of each part affects directly the loveliness of the final figure.

mini PEKKA 4

The back of the mini PEKKA.

I think the painting process is more important than the modelling. As the 3d model is hard surface rather than organic, there is not that much detail in the 3d model itself, so it’s by the physical painting that I express the details of the surface. I would like to paint it like “Used Metal” effect. To make this, a lot of dry brushing was applied.

mini PEKKA 3

The knife of the mini PEKKA.


A brave mini PEKKA facing 5 Sparkies.

The 3d Model

mini PEKKA 2

You can see that the 3d model is a clean smooth hard surface. A normal 3d printer can make all the details clear.

mini PEKKA 1

The whole is seperated into 5 parts in order to maintain the details. If you have a good 3d printer, the final figure will be made amazing. The 5 parts can be perfectly assembled.

mini PEKKA 5

You can get this 3d Model .stl file.

Please visit my Cults3d page:

You can find 5 .stl files in the package:

1. Head

2. Body

3. Left hand

4. Right hand

5. Leg

You can change the print angle for each part to make it the best quality possible.

You can also scale proportionally each part to print, so you can make it as hugh as possible if you have a printer big enough!

mini PEKKA 2

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