Mega knight

mega knight 4Mega knight

Inspired by Mega knight from Clash Royale

Modeled in Blender

Printed in Zortrax

Painted using Citadel and Vallejo

mega knight2

    One of my best work I think is the Mega knight. Although I don’t use this card, I do like the design of this character.

    You can see a lot of details on the helmet and the face as well as the armour. I wanted to create the 3d model just as it is like in the game.

    To create this 3d model, I used Blender as the principal modeling tool. For me, it is easier to cut the 3d model into several parts in Blender than other softwares for future printing.

mega knight3

   The details of the “chain armour” around the arm were added also in Blender using Displace modifier. After unwrapping the selected part of the mesh to UV map, I could precisely control the size and direction of the texture.

   I used a Zortrax M200 as the printer to make this figure. For me, the print quality is just amazing. I love it. All the details of the 3d model, especially the face and chain armour, were perfectly presented. It is even hard to see the print layers.

The 3d Model

As you can see in the rendered picture, the Mega knight was divided into 6 different parts in order to get the best print quality.

mega knight render 6

If you are a maker with your own 3d printer, you can also get the .stl file and make it and paint it by yourself.

mega knight render 3

You can get this 3d Model .stl file for only 15.99€.

Please send me a email to

You can find 6 .stl files in the package:

1. Head

2. Helmet Cover

3. Body

4. leg

5. Left Hammer

6. Right Hammer

You can change the print angle for each part to make it the best quality possible.

You can also scale proportionally each part to print, so you can make it as hugh as possible if you have a printer big enough!

If you like the figure, and want to have it or offer it as a gift. The figure made printed and painted is also available.

mega knight 5

If you like this figure, please check my Etsy shop, MAsMonsterFactory.

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