Inspired by the GOLEM from Clash Royale

Modeled in Blender

Printed in Zortrax

Painted using Citadel


One of the earliest 3d models that I made using Blender. I made it little by little while learning Blender. It actually took me nearly one month to finish. All the details were hand made no texture was applied.

This character exists both in Clash Royale and Clash of clans. I really liked using this card. So it’s the first character that I choose to make. At that time, I only used Blender without the combination with Zbrush, so all the details, including the surface and the edges were added using bevels and the knife tool. The crack stone effects were created using the knife tool. The stylized stone edge effects were made using bevel. With Zbrush, it would be much easier.


When the physical model was finally printed, I painted it firstly with a base layer of dark grey. And then lighted it up with a brighter grey. Finally a lot of dry brushing to figure out the edges with a nearly white light grey.


This small GOLEM was made with only 4 cm height.