Giant skeleton

giant skeleton 4Giant skeleton

Inspired by Giant skeleton from Clash Royale

Modeled in Blender

Printed in Zortrax

Painted using Citadel

giant skeleton 3

The Giant skeleton is one of the most characteristic personnage of Clash Royale. The design of the character is absolutely awesome. It’s not an easy-to-use card, but I really like the way it looks.

The modeling process is not easy, a lot of details have to be done on the fingers, head and body. The bag also took a lot of time to model as the two ropes have a lot of details.

It’s really hard to paint it, I have to say. A lot of dry brushing has been used to achieve the real bone effect. I applied a lot Citadel’s Reikland Fleshshade as the shader before dry brushing with bone color. It turned out to be really good.

giant skeleton 5

A lot of details can be seen in the teeth and fingers.

giant skeleton 4

The barrel back pack.

giant skeleton 6

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giant skeleton 1

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