caterpie 3Caterpie

Inspired by Caterpie from Pokemon

Modeled in Zbrush

Printed in Zortrax

Painted using Citadel

I modeled this Caterpie using only Zbrush. I just added the spheres and merged them together. The thicker part of the body was made using Panel Loop, very practical.

A lot of attention has been paid to the printing process. The printing angle setting is a crucial key, because the 3d model has only one piece. I had to maintain the smooth surface of the back part at the same time print out the details of the front part.

caterpie 2

The printing result turned out to be quite nice.

caterpie 1

The details in the front part is also quite well maintained.

caterpie 3

You can get this 3d Model .stl file.

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