Provence Style Country House

Building#22B: Provence Style Country House
Houses of this style are often seen in the south of France where people spend their holiday in the summer. This is a two story country house with a side kitchen just next to the main house.
The building has a typical tile roof in this region. Under the roof, the moulding structure is called “Génoise” in French. This house has a three layer Génoise supporting the roof.
The typical eaves “à la Génoise” in the Aix-en-Provence region.
This kind of eaves (the part of the roof that overhangs the wall) is very poplular in Provence. This design was originated from the region of Gênes, Italy, and was brought to Provence during the XVII century. It was at first widely used in Provence region and later expanded to other parts in the south of France.This structure allows the roof to have a larger extension which is a very good protection of the wall from the damage of rains. We know that the rains are quite heavies sometimes in the south of France.
Windows with wooden shutters
The windows of this house are square with classic wooden shutters which is very common in French buildings.
The back side of the house
The front side of the house
In the front side of the main house, there are three doors. The top of the doors are a little arched, this shape is quite common in this area. The doors also come with wooden shutters which can be painted in different colors, most often seen light blue, light grey or white. There is also a small balcony with iron balustrade in the front side. The front door of the house is also decorated with two pots of plants.
The front side of the house with a little balcony
The building is made of 3D resin with high resolution 3D printing to conserve the finest detail, such as the thin balustrade on the balcony. This house is available in N scale (1:160).
The N scale house compared to the standard N scale human
The dimension of the N scale model as below:
Height: 50mm/2 in
Length: 117mm/4.6 in
Width: 54mm/2.1 in
Ideal for adding details to your railroad diorama. If you are interested in this building please check the link below to visit my shop.
N scale19.9€