Georgian Big House

Building#10: Georgian Style Big House
This building is a typical Georgian style house. It’s a three story big Georgian house, in which the second floor is a loft or attic. The design of this building has the principle characteristics of the Georgian style. First of all, the house is strictly symmetrical, both the form and the fenestration, giving a strong feeling of balance.
The front side of the house
Secondly, the house has sash windows which is very common in this style. The windows at the ground floor are slightly bigger than the those at the first floor. Above the windows you can find brick headers as decorative pediments. And the house has a ripped slate roof with dormer windows.
Side view of the house
Front entry with a little potico
A portico is placed at the front door leading to the main entry decorated with pilasters.
Stone wall texture and brick wall texture
The wall of the ground floor is decorated with stone pattern whereas the first floor has brick walls. The corners of the house are decorated with quoins. All these realistic texture detail can be seen in the resin model.
The back side of the house
The back side of the house
The 3D model of the building
The resin model of this house is available in different scales:
– N scale 1:160
– British N scale 1:148
– HO scale 1:87
N scale and British N scale
The British N scale model is slightly bigger than the standard N scale 1:160.
The exact dimensions of each scale are listed below:
Scale Length Height Width
N scale 86mm/
3.4 in
2.1 in
2.3 in
British N scale 98mm/
3.8 in
2.4 in
2.7 in
HO scale 154mm/
6.0 in
3.9 in
4.9 in
N scale17.9€